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It’s been awhile…so much inspiration has raced by and finally a moment to breathe it all in and share it. Everyday I find something sparkling, something inspiring, and something magical. Even if it’s not the best day, something makes its message known. It is comforting to have glitter in my hair at the end of each and every day…GS&E style!

My vanity just got even prettier with the amazing Sibella Court’s secret book boxes. I ordered them from her beautiful gem of a shop in Sydney, Australia and it was SO worth the wait. These gorgeous antique looking books open up as secret boxes. I am so in love with them.

My GS&E princess sleep mask. 10 more minutes is never enough…

This is the outside window of Babycakes on Larchmont. I love how sparkly it is.

Totally obsessed with this new nail polish line called BUTTER. Currently in love with “Rosie Lee” and especially “Tart With A Heart.”

Fab summer night visit to Hollywood Park for the horse races. Winning five dollars has never been more fun! Dirty martini at the Turf Club….and french fries!!

My beautiful MY PEACE AND LOVE “Good Luck” bracelet that I am so in love with. This designer is so wonderful in so many ways and her work is inspiring and exquisite. I treasure this piece of hers.

I bought this beautiful piece of art in a little shop in Zuma Beach just past Malibu. It is the first thing I see every morning in my bedroom and I absolutely love it.

I was one of the first in line for tennis star’s Maria Sharapova’s candy line SUGARPOVA. These tennis ball gumballs are so lifelike they even look fuzzy and actually taste good and make fab bubbles! But the best part of her line is the “flirty sours” – a mix of lips, stars and hearts. Gummy sours that taste better than all the rivals! Ace!

Loving stargazers again…they smell beautiful, look beautiful and make a perfect pink candy cane sidekick.

I love this piece of art SO MUCH…

Can’t explain how this real Glade lavender chamomile candle changes rainbow colors every few seconds. It smells amazing and the rainbow colors are so gorgeous…


LOVE my ALEXIS COUTURE dress so much..

Always obsessed with Bendel bling..

And this is how I get to end every happy day…

“Let’s go…drive til the morning comes…and watch the sunrise and fill our souls up.” – Dave Matthews Band




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Today’s delight is that GS&E is back!! After a big move and crazy internet issues, GS&E is finally back on track with our sparkling blog and beautiful subjects! So beyond excited to share the next beauty interview in the next week or so! It is a beauty I have wanted to feature since the very beginning of GS&E! But it’s a secret for now! ūüėČ

Thank you for your patience and loyalty to GS&E! Excited to be back and to unveil all the beauty and inspiration I have missed sharing with you through this whole long move and internet transition!

Have a sparkling, sun shining day!!


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Something sparkling new for GS&E! A GS&E-NSPIRATION piece of art of the week!

This is one of my favorites….


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I sometimes wonder if everyone is like me, where everywhere you go you see something you want to take a picture of, or you see street art that you want to put on your wall, or you watch something beautiful and you wish your camera was fast enough! Does everyone else play music that takes you out of your every day routine? For me, that is the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” soundtrack that makes driving down ugly La Brea so much more pleasant. Or listening to the ride music on my Disneyland CD I bought on Main Street when I am fighting traffic to the valley. I find myself always trying to keep my happiest times in my every moments during the week and not just the weekend. That open, optimistic mind is how I discover beautiful things every day. Here are some of those things from the last couple weeks:

DIOR’s Beauty Confidential compact with lip gloss and sun powder. The little silver envelope opens into the most beautiful palette.

I love these little gift tags with the glitter and medal shape!

I love our new ELOISE art piece of her running up the elevator at the Plaza Hotel. Classic and so beautiful!

J’adore everything French!!

This ice cream cone is actually a pink towel rolled up and packaged by the fabulous Sugar Factory in Las Vegas! So cute!!

I love my “Kelly” cuff by Hermes so much that it is probably my favorite accessory piece in my wardrobe.

Again, another card from the fabulous Pulp…

So ¬†addicted to anything Ballet related…

Speaking of addicted, I am crazy for Pinterest! Please follow me at: http://www.pinterest.com/gigisaffronever/

Here is a little sampling of my boards:

Let me know when you start your Pinterest page so we can share and follow each other!

“Time rolls on and youth is gone and you can’t straighten up when you bend,

But stiff back or stiff knees, you stand straight at Tiffany’s” – Marilyn Monroe




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Oh how I love these things…

Every single day is a chance to discover, see or feel inspiration! February is one of my favorite months because it is all about love, surprises, hearts, flowers and chocolate! Every time Valentines Day passes, I think about how it should be every day. Not meaning an actual card holiday, but every day should be a good enough reason to send gorgeous flowers and love and appreciative notes to all the people you love. Here is a little compilation of magic that has been inspiring me in the last month…

Speaking of Valentines Day, my Valentine gives me many things every day that make me feel loved but this little thing meant the world to me. Of all things, something so cute and seemingly unimportant can make the most amazing moment ever, and this did.

Am completely obsessed with my iphone BookBook cover case by 12South. It looks like a mini-antique book and even has little sleeves inside for credit cards or cash if you want to use it to go out minus a big bag. But I need lip gloss and that won’t fit! Regardless, it is truly the most fab case out there. By the way, I took the pics and made that little photo box using the app PicFrame – so fun.

Been loving this pure Rosewater spray from Erewhon. Actually, I love anything from Erewhon but this is something I use every day. It refreshes your face and sometimes I even use it as a light fragrance.

I found this beautiful little glass dinner bell at the gorgeous store Swag in North Hollywood. It is a perfect little addition to our crystal and pink glass collections.

I drive past this gorgeous headboard in the window at Deco Home on La Brea all the time and I swoon every single time! The little tufted stones sparkle in the sun and that blue is so dreamy!! Time to park and go in…

Oh, what to say about our glorious trip to Palm Desert this month. Warm desert wind, star gazing for an hour from the pool at night, wearing bathing suits under our dinner clothes, having suntan lotion be my perfume for the day…just heaven.

Chloe’s new food and water bowls make me laugh every time I see them…

This Gin & Titonic ice tray has icebergs and ships as ice cubes. I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious!

A little Los Angeles secret: the best quality and coolest full circle headbands are at Larchmont Beauty Supply. They may cost a fortune but they are the cutest in the city. The only reason I didn’t throw up over spending 25 dollars for a clip is because it was from there.

The absolute GREATEST cards you will ever come across are at Pulp in Los Angeles. I have befriended the shop keeper who tells me all about the elusive card buyer who is an absolute genius. These two cards are so fab I plan on framing.

I can never sleep. I have tried everything. I came across Dream Water one day and I have to say it DOES help put me to sleep! Especially the Snoozeberry…now we buy them by the display case size!!

I love these fake crumpled post-it pads! They make something so boring so much more fun and that is everything to GS&E!

Chloe loves her Sniffany & Co. toy! She has fabulous taste of course…

L O V E anything and everything pink glass…

This amazing artist Dante is the main focus of our living room, with his unbelievable Vogue cover art of Disney princesses. Snow White happens to be my favorite but they all are fantastic and gorgeous. The cover headlines that pertain to the cover princess are just as genius.

I love my loaded vanity. There can never be too many candles, crystal candelabras, ballerinas and mirrors.

A sea of tutu’s at Polkadots & Moonbeams on 3rd Street.

I love this print on the cover of a first edition of the classic book “Little Women”…

A part of my newly organized jewelry table…I L O V E those orange Hermes cuff boxes!!!

Inspiration partout!




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Our month of December’s ¬†favorite, sparkling things continues as we are almost at our Happy New Year! For me, the shopping never ends!!

December 11th

Urban Outfitters has these adorable spiral journals – my favorite being “I love you more than french fries” but I also have “You make my heart do cartwheels.” L O V E

December 12th

Anything you find at Pom Pom Interiors is a treasure. I especially love their optimistic and whimsical pieces.

December 13th

Still obsessed with Assouline’s big, pink and fantastic BARBIE book. It is hard to pick a page that I love the most.

December 14th

Don’t forget your doggie over the holidays! Frosty Paws Peanut Butter Ice Cream is the best surprise ever for your baby!

December 15th

The hidden Monsieur Marcel at Fairfax’s Farmer’s Market is a little gem in a big world of foods and sweets. Not only do they carry England’s Malteser’s but they carry the most amazing salted caramels you will ever have in your LIFE. And they validate so just parking for these 12 dollar caramels is worth it.

December 16th

I am a sucker for anything by Taschen. One of my very favorites is their “Paris Style” books. I am transported just by placing on my coffee table.

December 17th

I have been obsessed with these Marc Jacobs kitty shoes for the past two years. The have evolved from ballet flats to fat, chunky, runway heels to slippers. I still think they are perfection.

December 18th

Jackie Kennedy’s childhood artwork in this amazing book is worth it in itself. Her sister, Lee Radziwill, made the most beautiful book called “Happy Times” out of their gorgeous memories.

December 19th

I am obsessed with the Book Book laptop cover which looks like an antique book.

December 20th

I will bring you in on the hunt for the elusive artist Camobudda who made the most amazing Kate Moss piece of art I have ever obsessed over.

December 21st

This month I have been totally into one of the latest released Essie nail polish colors called “Mink Muffs.” Looks like a mug of deep dark hot chocolate. A perfect December shade.

December 22nd

If you ever find yourself with some time at the Beverly Hills Hotel, go and visit the La Prairie Spa and take advantage of the spray they keep in their sauna. Then buy it on your way out. It is their La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Spray and it is AMAZING.

December 23rd

ANY jewelry from ANY season by Lanvin. This current upcoming 2012 season has this unbelievable cuff. But also a spotlight on the jewelry from all seasons which no one can replicate.

December 24th

The illustrious and gorgeous book DOROTHY DRAPER: IN THE PINK. What a fantastic display of photos of her unbelievably decadent and  luminous work.

December 25th

Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” of course. Everyone needs to be reminded of this gorgeous message.

December 26th

Make your loved ones Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches. I would love this tradition to stay throughout the year. I’m still mad Gingerbread Lattes leave Starbucks in February.


Giddy up, Giddy up, Giddy up, it’s grand…just holding your hand…..



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The GS&E December sparkling gift idea a day continues…A Starbucks gingerbread latte can calm the countdown madness…and a sprinkled star cookie.

December 4th


I am crazy for Kelly Wearstler. I couldn’t have been more excited to hear of and then go see her gorgeous new boutique on Melrose! A complete inspiration wonderland. I’m a¬† long time collector of her fab books and now she has branched into clothing and accessories…and of course home! She has so much talent that my head could explode.

8440 Melrose Ave.


December 5th


These have been favorites of mine forever. They are so beyond cute and only 5 bucks each.

Corner of Beverly and Poinsettia in West Hollywood


December 6th


This particular scent by Diptyque Paris is an actual addiction of mine. Not only are they everywhere on silver pillars in our home but I also have discovered the Baies room scent spray and just this week, the Baies “palet parfume” which is an oval shaped hand dripped wax bar that hangs on a velvet string. Help me.


December 7th


The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas is one of my favorite places on earth. Not only is the store a visual dream of chocolate, candy necklaces and rubber duckies, the restaurant is full of yummy food and imaginative desserts but there is a chocolate “bar” which is dark and gorgeous and dripping in crystal chandeliers…and truffles!


December 8th


“There was a young woman who lived in her Choos, though she once had a house in a smart Chelsea mews. So much on Jimmy, the house had to go. And with it, the Amex and husband in tow!”


December 9th


The “Bourgeois Bow” ring and the “Sparkle Bow” ring are perfection. Almost everything at Kate Spade lately is perfection. I’m still not over the genius Beastie Boys “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” bangle.


December 10th


I spied these on the counter of my favorite pet store and discovered they were only available by special order…so I promptly placed a special order! They are fantastic because what fun for a doggie to have a tennis ball in the first place but the flavors double the fun for our babies. Chloe is partial to the vanilla.


It is only the 10th…plenty of time left to shop!





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